When should I arrive for my class?
We encourage students to arrive 15 minutes before class to change and prepare as the classes will start promptly at the time they are scheduled. If you are running late please call the culinary center. If you are more than 15 minutes you may not be permitted to attend the class.

What skill level must I have to attend a cooking class?
We accept all skill levels in every class.

What should I bring to class?
The only thing you need to bring with you is a pen and a notebook. We provide aprons, side towels, knives and all equipment.

How should I dress?
For cooking classes we suggest you wear comfortable clothing and close toed comfortable rubber soled shoes. For safety reasons open toe shoes and sandals are not allowed in hands on classes. Sleeveless tops or tank tops are also not allowed for hygienic reasons. Long hair should also be pulled back and cell phones should be put on vibrate.

How old do I have to be to attend class?
Our adult classes are intended for ages 18 years and older. We also offer classes for children and teens as indicated on the website.

Do we eat the food that we prepare?
Yes. In every class you are provided with ample tastings of every dish that you prepare. We do recommend that you have a snack before the class as the tasting will not occur until the end. We will provide bottled water before and during class.

Do I get to take the recipes home?
In all of the hands-on cooking classes you will be provided with the recipes to take home.

Is wine served in cooking classes? If not can I bring wine?
Wine and alcoholic beverages are offered in certain classes as indicated and class participants must be of New York State legal drinking age.

Can we take the food home?
Yes. If you have leftovers we will provide a take-out container for you to take them home.

What is the ratio of chef instructor to student?
Each class will have one chef instructor and one chef assistant with a maximum of 14 students per class.

Do you offer private classes?
Yes. Please contact Carey at the Culinary Center directly to discuss or call 212.298.2935

What should I do if I have food allergies or dietary restrictions?
If you have a severe allergy to something, it is better to not take the risk. Our kitchen does not operate as a no nut, soy, meat, dairy or gluten free kitchen as we host all ingredients within the many classes provided. If you have a specific allergy or dietary restriction, please contact our Culinary Director, Carey Nava 212.298.2935, to discuss the class menu and options that may be suitable for your needs.